This is our premium small-flowered viola series (Viola cornuta). It has a very strong consumer profile with its impressive semi-trailing habit that always shows an enormous amount of flowers. Also the performance in winter is exceptional since it is frost- and snow-resistant.
Endurio® is perfectly suited for those growers who are looking for a premium product for high-end retailers. This product is also suited for combo’s (MultiColours). It is an easy-to-cultivate product, suited from autumn to spring in hanging baskets, containers and 10,5+ cm pots.

•    Premium product
•    Strong branching
•    Perfect for combo’s (MultiColours)
•    Great for hanging baskets (fewer plants needed)
•    Very easy to grow
•    Strong consumer profile
•    Strong winter performance (frost- and snow- resistant)
•    Extremely free flowering
•    Strong garden performance