Do it right

Above all, the Do it right® range offers growers consistency and reliability through all the five series on offer.  All colours have been selected for their uniformity of habit and flower size – and for their simultaneous flowering to ensure the best possible displays.  This means they create a harmonious display both on the sales bench – and in consumers’ gardens and containers, resulting in repeat sales from satisfied customers.

The Do it right® range also has an excellent shelf life.  Plants stay in good condition for a long period, thereby extending the sales period and increasing turnover and profit.  We know consumers only want to buy the best-looking and healthiest plants for their displays, so Do it right® keeps on looking good longer!

Syngenta Flowers serves young plant producers and distributors, offering a large range of first class genetic material.  Under the name of FloriPro Services®, its distribution organisation, it focuses on offering young plants, seeds and un-rooted cuttings directly to growers.

The company is particularly well known for its industry-leading range of pansies and violas, in which it has specialised for more than 20 years.


The Delta® pansy has been an established name on the market for more than 20 years now.


The Colossus® series is the most uniform giant-flowered series on the market.


Deltini™ is remarkable for its compact, uniform habit and strong branching, making it ideal for small pots & packs.


Viola Delta® Endurio™ is a highly innovative viola series from the Syngenta Flowers breeding pipeline.


The Rocky series is the market-leading small-flowered viola series.